Arrowes eSTOP


A portable stop go lantern enabling traffic controllers to perform duties safely away from live traffic. Now with Wireless Pairing!

Pairing with the eBOOM, the eSTOP provides both a traffic signal and a physical barrier while remaining highly portable. The units are synchronised and operate manually controlled simply via one remote control.

NEW: Now with Wireless Pairing!


At a glance:

• Market leading portable traffic light system, over 1000 eSTOPs nationwide in NZ
• Single operator, max site length is 400m (threshold to threshold, Waka Kotahi NZTA stipulation)
• Dual/multi operator, no max site length
• The only portable traffic light system which is approved for multi-way use (up to 5-way)
• Battery life 15 hours for both the lantern battery and the remote battery (can swap lantern batteries and charge remote on-the-go for continuous usage)
• Very portable, quick to setup and take down by a single person, with hinged target board, slots into carry case
Full range of spare parts stocked locally and available, along with an in-house service and repair team
• On-site training session available (free of charge)
Over the phone support (direct to our technical team)


New Zealand's first Type 1 approved Portable Traffic Signal System (PTSS), the eSTOP is the new benchmark for roading safety. Made mandatory in certain Australian States for high speed and high risk worksites, trials conducted by a tier one roading company showed use of the eSTOP resulted in a staggering 93% reduction of near misses.

Viewing distance: It stands out can can be viewed from a greater distance, giving motorists more time to react.
Greater visibility: In low light, overcast and foggy conditions, motorists can not see traffic controllers, but they don’t miss the eSTOP.
Sun safety: Traffic controllers can stand in the shade away from harmful rays, fatigue and dehydration.
Portability: The eSTOP provides a more portable, easier to deploy alternative to heavy and hard to handle trailer
mounted traffic lights.
Time tested reliability: Invented by Arrowes in 2016, the eSTOP has been built to the highest standards and time
tested for endurance and performance.


In its standard configuration, each eSTOP lantern can be controlled either by one person when PAIRED, or two people when independently PAIRED. In PAIR mode one traffic controller can control two lanterns at the same time while the Hand Remote Controller (HRC), in this mode of operation, the failsafe feature ensures no two green lanterns on at the same time.

• Type 1 approved across Australia and New Zealand
• Fail-safe features to prevent 2 green lanterns at the same time
• Tilt and rotation alarms
• Ergonomic design with robust, light weight components of max 12 kg
• Portable and easy to assemble
• Integrated target board (compulsory in NZ) PATENT ID 2020100318
• 15 hours battery life
• Small Hand Remote Controller (HRC), UV protected, rated IP65 with range of up to 400 m, able to control up to 2 lanterns
• Handling protection, IP65 rated cable connections at all device parts to make reverse connections impossible
• Adjustable tripod legs for uneven surfaces, adjustable height
• Wind-load tested
• Fully encrypted communication for advanced safety and security


Download Operators Manual:

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Download Wireless Pairing Instructions:

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